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About Lakshay Dharan

Lakshay Dharan, born in Pondicherry and raised across India, notably in Delhi, holds a master’s in Fine Arts. Despite his artistic background, he pursued an entrepreneurial career in Strategy and Communications in New Delhi before transitioning to Auroville full-time in 2015. A dynamic contributor, Lakshay served on the Auroville Board of Commerce, Auroville Town Development Council, and is currently a Resource Person for Auroville Working Committee, ATDC, and Funds and Assets Management Committee.

Passionate about the arts, Lakshay founded the Centre for Research, Education, and Experience in Visual Arts, and was a teacher at Last School. Additionally, he established the International Center for Strategy & Communication (ICSC), a global thinktank fostering knowledge in strategy and communication. ICSC addresses global challenges through research, publications, events, and capacity building, contributing significantly to these fields.

Integral World, founded by Lakshay, is a non-profit from Auroville dedicated to driving positive global change. Operating in alignment with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Integral World prioritizes cooperation, proactive action, and knowledge sharing among stakeholders. Emphasizing SDG16 and SDG17, it promotes peace and partnership, envisioning a win-win world where no one is left behind on the path to positive and sustainable change.

AWARE Auroville, yet another endeavor by Lakshay, stands as a purpose-driven community service fostering human unity. Operating on the principles of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, AWARE provides inclusive communication, voluntary collaboration, and proactive actions for the benefit of Auroville and beyond. Adapting to diverse interests, AWARE aims to catalyze positive change and unity within the Auroville community, paving the way for Progress.

In addition to his multifaceted contributions to Auroville, Lakshay Dharan co-founded THOTIN, a dynamic brand strategy agency, in 2007. THOTIN specializes in strategic storytelling, offering custom-made consultancy and turnkey solutions. The agency’s innovative approach, guided by thoughtful insights, ensures impactful results for diverse clients. From start-up support to sustainable communication, THOTIN collaborates seamlessly with organizations, transforming their business stories into narratives of brand successes.