"Speak not just to be heard, but to resonate with the hearts and minds of those listening."

Elevate the Conversation!

Lakshay Dharan, a speaker with a vision, elevates conversations by connecting the dots of Auroville life, artistic pursuits, and higher thinking. Through casual conversations, he engages audiences on a journey to explore their fullest potential, fostering a collective spirit that aspires for individual progress and deeper, transformative social change—a journey anchored in the profound notion of Human Unity.

Crafting Conversations and Collaboration for Positive Impact

Lakshay Dharan is a dynamic force in the realms of collaboration and brand building. As a vocal speaker in Auroville, he passionately champions collaboration and action. His journey extends beyond, collaborating with leading brands to infuse purpose into brand building. With a commitment to achieving Sustainable Development Goals, Lakshay conducts workshops in strategic communications. Embracing the role of a ‘conversationist,’ his approach is deeply personal, customizing every engagement to align seamlessly with the objectives of each event, ensuring a transformative and impactful experience.

So, if you’re looking for someone on the topic of aspiration and inspiration, perhaps you just found here.



Lakshay passionately speaks on Auroville, delving into its principles, community dynamics, and the journey towards human unity, offering insights into its unique and transformative ethos.

Strategic Communication

Exploring the nuances of effective communication, Lakshay shares expertise in strategic communication, guiding audiences on fostering meaningful connections, impactful messaging, and successful campaigns.


Lakshay dives into the significance of SDGs, offering thought-provoking discussions on sustainable development, global cooperation, and actionable strategies to drive positive change towards a better future.

Brand Building

With a focus on purposeful brand building, Lakshay unravels the art of creating meaningful brand identities, emphasizing values, authenticity, and societal impact for long-term success.

Art & Culture

Lakshay speaks on the intersection of art and culture, exploring the transformative power of creativity, its role in shaping societies, and fostering a deeper understanding of diverse cultural expressions.

What the wellwishers say...

How my ideas have changed lives? Hear from our members in Auroville

"Lakshay's optimism is contagious and has breathed life into Auroville, shaping the recent progress. His transformative initiatives inspire meaningful change, leaving an indelible mark on our collective journey."
Auroville Resident
"In Lakshay's ideas, I found a roadmap to a purposeful life. His insights have ignited a spark of positive transformation, fostering a sense of renewed purpose within our community."
Auroville Newcomer
"Lakshay's ideas have created a sense of collaboration and action in Auroville. Through his endeavours, lives have been touched, and our shared vision for a harmonious community has been reinvigorated."
Friend of Auroville

“Speaking is an act of creation; with each word, we sculpt a narrative that shapes our reality.”

Past Talks and Events

Key takeaways:

Holistic Vision

Lakshay offers a holistic vision that transcends individual topics. His talks connect the dots, providing a comprehensive understanding of the interconnectedness of Auroville, strategic communication, SDGs, brand building, and artistic expression.

Transformative Narratives

Attendees are exposed to Lakshay's transformative narratives, which not only inform but inspire change. His storytelling weaves together personal experiences, insights, and practical takeaways for immediate application.

Empowering Individuals

Lakshay's speaking instills a sense of empowerment. Attendees leave with actionable ideas, renewed motivation, and the confidence to contribute positively to their communities and beyond.

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Lakshay or a representative will respond to your inquiry within 2-3 business days to discuss availability, terms, and any additional details. Thank you for your interest in having Lakshay Dharan as a speaker. We look forward to collaborating on an engaging and impactful event.

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