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Explore Lakshay Dharan’s initiatives to elevate aspirations, transcending boundaries through creative expression, strategic communication, and a commitment to fostering positive global change.


Dive into a world of heightened awareness with Lakshay’s initiatives. From art and strategy to community service, discover the power of informed consciousness driving positive transformation.


Join the movement of impactful action led by Lakshay Dharan. From visionary art to strategic communication, his initiatives inspire collective efforts for positive change and unity.

ICSC, a global thinktank for strategists, communicators, and innovators, fosters knowledge in strategy and communication. Through research programs, publications, events, capacity building, etc. it addresses global challenges, offering sustainable plans. ICSC is a nexus for networking and professional growth for academicians and practitioners, amplifying its impact through campaigns, contributing significantly to the fields of strategy and communication.

Integral World, a non-profit from Auroville, drives positive global change through by integrating strategies, outreach and and sustainable actions. Aligned with the 17 SDGs, they prioritize cooperation, proactive action, and knowledge sharing, among the stakeholders. Emphasizing SDG16&17, they promote peace and partnership for true collaboration, envisioning a win-win world where no one is left behind on the path to positive and sustainable change.

AWARE Auroville is a purpose-driven community service fostering human unity. Operating with principles of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, it offers inclusive communication, voluntary collaboration, and proactive actions to benefit Auroville and beyond. AWARE adapts to diverse interests, aiming to catalyze positive change and unity in the Auroville community, and pave the way for progress. 

THOTIN, co-founded by Lakshay Dharan, is a dynamic brand building consultancy shaping impactful narratives since 2007. Specializing in strategic communications, THOTIN delivers brand coaching, workshops, and consultancy services to clients worldwide. The company believes in the power of thoughtful insights and innovative approaches to brand challenges. With a strong commitment to values THOTIN stands as a trusted ally in its clients’ brand journeys. From start-up support to sustainable solutions for MSMEs and IMNCs, THOTIN blends seamlessly with client organizations, turning businesses into brands.

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