Path to Peace?

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We need to recognize we're under the spotlight, after enjoying many years of freedom away from the limelight. Eyes are on us now. And we're not looking good. We do not appear as we claim to be. It's time that we stop living in a dream and step into given realities. It's time we recognize the internal shortcomings and start working on them, ourselves.  It's time we make some course corrections and find back our rightful path, whatever that was.

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RAD: What is this win worth?

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The narrative of ‘saving the trees’, ‘standing up against violence', ‘fighting for freedom’, etc. looks luscious, romantic, heroic even. If I did not have the all-around information, I’d have myself rooted for it. After all, who doesn’t like to be a hero warrior? But, here I’m, risking the wrath of the community, sticking my neck out once again, saying what I think needs to be said. What is this win worth?

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